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Story Warriors
is a fantasy adventure trilogy. The tone is humorous, irreverent with a whirlwind plot and bold powerful characters. The novel’s theme - that reality can be changed by the stories people tell - is developed through the portrayal of a secret society of Story Warriors.

The Story Warriors have the mystical ability to make their characters come to life. They are divided into two warring factions, the Makers and Breakers, who battle for control of reality. The power to define the truth attracts the attention of various entities, trying to control or eliminate their powers.

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Annelle, and her brother Mot, are pressed into their world and must negotiate a path between the ego-driven and power-hungry combatants to find a path they can follow and someone to believe in.

The Story Warriors trilogy was written to appeal to readers enjoy fast-paced action and adventure which also explore complex ideas. The books are multi-layered and can be appreciated on different levels, an approach that reflects the author’s experience of devising arts projects for people with wildly varying abilities.

Will Startle
is the author of the Story Warriors series of books. Initially trained as a biochemist Will realised that his brain wasn't designed for the organisation and accuracy demanded by the sciences. He then pursued his ambition of becoming a writer before struggles with illegible handwriting and constant manuscript losses forced him to abandon it as a career option.

He eventually found his niche within community arts, specialising in the use of music technology with disabled people. While the application of technology to release creativity was fascinating it was the range of colorful and bold personalities he encountered that kept him truly enthralled.

Will Startle

After leaving work to bring up his two children Will realised that, as he was now lucky enough to have a laptop and cloud storage, he would be able to create readable text and keep what he had written. He once more embarked upon a career as a writer.

Will is currently working on short stories and a political/comedy novel. He has still to decide if he will ever return to the world of the Story Warriors.

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Four friends are hurled into a war between factions of the Story Warriors and find their lives invaded by weird and wonderful characters as battles rage over control of the future. Follow Annelle, Mot, Fleck and Lara as they flow in and out of reality and embark upon a series of adventures where they must save a burning city, a future world and a rainforest tribe.

Meet the fantastical characters that join them: Sonny, a brilliant genetically engineered scientist; Caravaggio, an artist with the power to bring his imagination to life; Good Night Ha! Ha! seller of nightmares and Martin and Osprey, legends from ancient times.

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"It's coming, it's super-bee. Run, quick."

Annelle's audience ran, screaming, back into the school. Annelle sauntered in after them, smiling, happy.

Mot and Annelle are dragged deeper into the war between the Makers and Breakers. Who are the Doctors? What is the Cult of Chagrin? And who can Annelle trust in her epic battle with Mrs Firefly?

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The war between the Doctors and Story Warriors is raging, and Mot and Annelle are pressed back into action. Can Annelle help the forces of good prevail? Does she know who they are? And does she even care anymore?

Dr Pill assembles the usual suspects in a desperate attempt to save the Story Warriors and win the war. Against a constantly moving battlefield, created by the writings of the Story Warriors, the quest for power and control forces new damaged and flawed characters into existence. The struggle to control reality has never been fiercer—or more important.

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